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Bulgaria offers incredible opportunities in terms of filming and producing because of its rich palette of historical, cultural and natural background.About 30 film productions shoots in the country every year due to the large number of exceptionally qualified film professionals, private service production companies and without question some of the lowest production costs in Europe.

Koulev Film Production was established in 1992. It is one of the first indipendent production companies in Bulgaria working in the field of production of live-action, documentary, animation films, TV advertisments and music videos.Offering a wide range of services for the industry, the company has developed a reputation as an innovative and trustworthy partner.

We specialize in helping producers and directors from all over the world to achieve their production needs, providing services as location scouting, casting, equipment rental, technical assistance, crew, travel, logistics and everything else needed for a successful production.We can even support your supervising personnel remaining in Bulgaria during post production in the areas of transportation, hospitality, security, and other personal services.



Feel free to contact us for more information and production budget estimate.

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