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After fifteen years and more than 150 foreign projects shot here, Bulgaria is one of the
most popular locations for filming in Europe.Here you will find ancient fortresses and
monasteries along with contemporary architecture buildings.The country also has a great
diversity of natural scenery, including the Black Sea cost, the river Danube, many other
rivers, valleys and planes, ponds and lakes, caves and forests,alpine types of mountains
and picturesque natural sights.

Over the years films such as Spartacus, Caesar and many foreign productions have
created various large standing sets such as Roman, Middle age castles, American and Medieval towns, Boston, LA old New York streets available for rental.

Our team of professionals is specially trained to assist and guide our clients through the entire process of finding the optimum location.Offering a complete photo database to quickly orient the search for the proper location, we also maintain general information on accommodations, weather, and support services to help you plan your shoot.With a territory of just over 111 000 square kilometers and a well developed infrastructure to connect by air, land and sea even the most remote areas, we have quick access to any location you may seek.


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